Fed up with your draining health issues?  Ever wonder why you??

Discovering inflammation was my fundamental health issue was life changing for me – could this be your secret issue too and the underlying cause of all (ok maybe just most) your problems?

I know what you’re thinking – inflammation?  That’s just twisted ankles, insect bites and arthritis.  How can that be causing my health issues?

Well, it’s actually an integral part of our immune response and the way our bodies protect us, so we all have some. 

This is totally fine.  The issue is when the inflammation is present too much of the time and becomes chronic, leading to potential damage to every cell in the body!

When I first looked this up I was amazed at the far reaching effects that inflammation can have.  It can affect anything from your brain, to your guts, your skin and arteries, presenting a whole host of seemingly unrelated issues!


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Everyone loves a quiz…


Finally – this could be the underlying reason for your health issues!

Surely you agree that it’s worth two minutes of your time to check this out?

So dive straight in, it’ll just take 2 mins for the quiz – the questions start below:


Answer these 10 quick questions to check your inflammation score…

Are you tired all the time, even when you get enough sleep?
Do you suffer from headaches/migranes?
Do you often experience gut discomfort? Bloating, loose stools etc
Do you have dry skin, or skin conditions like ezcema, dermatitis and psoriasis?
Do you frequently experience heartburn?
Do you experience brain fog? You know, when you go to do something and can’t remember what it was, or what you were saying, or just feeling ‘fuzzy headed’ without explanation?
Do you suffer from allergies?
Do you suffer from joint pain or aches?
Do you get a stuffy nose, even without the presence of allergens or whilst suffering with a cold?
Do you struggle to lose weight?
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Answer these 10 quick questions to check your inflammation score…
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