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Tips, recipes and support to help you HEAL (Healthy Eating And Lifestyle).

This group is a supportive community where people who are fed up with dealing with draining health issues (everything from headaches, stubborn weight and fatigue, to diabetes, IBS and excema) can get help to finally make successful diet and lifestyle changes so they can heal themselves with food, rather than more medicines, supplements etc.  Even if you have struggled in the past to make change and feel like it’s you that is the failure (rather than your method, which is usually the case).

As a Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition and Behaviour Change Coach, I will help you:

– Understand why you have failed in the past

–       Learn how to make a successful change with my H.E.A.L. change success path

–       Find your real motivation

–      Identify your barriers and learn HOW TO OVERCOME THEM, though suggestions, tips, recipes and videos on many topics.

–       Learn about chronic inflammation and how it could be the thing that is holding you back (seriously, learning about this was a life changer for me!)


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