Changing habits is hard!

But how hard really depends on HOW you go about it…



  • you decide to change
  • you know where you want to get to
  • you think you know why you’re doing it ‘to get fit’ or ‘to be healthy’
  • You mostly understand what you should and shouldn’t be eating
  • You cut foods out, limit calories and focus a lot of attention on what you’re eating
  • You do all these things at once
  • You try to follow these new rules 100% of the time
  • Something happens (life) you slip once and then somehow its all over and you’re back to where you started (or worse!)

A little bit hard


  • you decide to change
  • you know where you want to get to
  • you find a proper emotional motivation
  • You understand WHY you’re doing this and what is happening in your body when you don’t
  • you set realistic targets and accept this will take time
  • you make small changes only a couple at a time
  • you accept that you will slip sometimes and that’s ok, treat it as a one off and move on
  • you don’t ban yourself from anything
  • before you know it, things are starting to shift and you don’t feel like it was too difficult, so you keep going

Here at Eat Think Explore, we make change as easy as possible by:

  • educating you on why your body fights change, and how to get around your brain
  • educating you on why it’s important to achieve healthy eating and move more – learn exactly what’s happening in your body so you can make more informed choices
  • helping you find your real emotional motivation, so that you can stand stronger when faced with temptations



Already know that you're ready to take this seriously and get some help?


Then check out my Nutrition Services page to see how we can work together to help you achieve your diet change goals.


Not sure you’re ready to go that far yet?


If you’re just looking for tips etc right now, then come join the supportive Facebook Group where people who are fed up with dealing with draining health issues (everything from headaches, stubborn weight and fatigue, to diabetes, IBS and eczema) can get help to finally make successful diet and lifestyle changes so they can heal themselves with food, rather than more medicines, supplements etc.

As a Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition and Behaviour Change Coach, I will help you:
– Understand why you have failed in the past
– Learn how to make a successful change with my H.E.A.L. change success path
– Find your real motivation
– Identify your barriers and learn HOW TO OVERCOME THEM, though suggestions, tips, recipes and videos on many topics.
– Learn about chronic inflammation and how it could be the thing that is holding you back (seriously, learning about this was a life changer for me!)


How am I qualified to help you?

Following my Biology degree from Cardiff University, I spent a few years in the corporate world in the rat race before coming back to what I love and earning numerous diplomas in Nutrition accredited by the following organisations:

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